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Camp Choconut: Wilderness Camp for Boys

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 3:04:38 AM

As one of the oldest camps in America, Camp Choconut continues to provide young boys and men the 'out-of-doors' experience, living in the Endless Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, breathing fresh mountain air, camping, playing sports and swimming in a safe environment all while having fun without Game Box's, Wii's, PS2's, PS3's, PSP's, i-pods, computers and television. Our focus may not be math or science, biology or language arts instead something just as important – living alongside one's fellow man, socializing in a relaxed atmosphere with boys of similar age and adults other than parents, teachers, or clergy. We teach boys new skills. Skills that help develop one's self-esteem, fulfillment in a job well done, success and accomplishment. Skills a boy will require as he moves from boyhood to manhood, from Mom and Dad's home to college and a life beyond.

In today's world, young boys and men yearn for a sense of being, seek out role models, someone to emulate. But many have no one. With pop-stars, sports figures, and politicians falling from grace because of sex-scandals or drugs, boys today have no one to look towards. Its nothing like 30 or 40 years ago when the atmosphere still resonated with names like President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Neil Armstrong. Sport greats like Willie Mays, Joe Namath, Jack Niclaus, Bill Bradley, Walt Frazier, were every kid's envy.

Today's Camp Choconut strives to close the gap between feeling lost and unsure of oneself in today's world to self-confidence, self-reliance and integrity. By using the skills learned at Camp Choconut and developing self-confidence and assurance in oneself, boys and young men find navigating through life and making difficult choices easier and more natural. Communicating with peers and adults in his life seems easier for him. Completing tasks, stick-to-itiveness, working a little harder becomes second nature. The Camp Choconut boy leaves camp each summer feeling confident about oneself and knows he has the skills to tackle the next year at school or the difficult time on a sports team, or problems at home with parents or siblings, or that neighborhood bully that just will not leave him alone.

Camp Choconut offers a unique experience. The camp resides on 40 acres that includes a pristine, spring fed, private lake. Surrounding the immediate camp are an additional 800+ acres of private property that the camp is allowed to wonder through and utilize as part of its program. We maintain a rather small enrollment. This year we will have no more than 55 boys.

Unlike other residential camps that cater to a larger group, Camp Choconut can maintain a camper to counselor ratio of about 5:1. This also allows for more individual attention given to each camper.

Camp Choconut teaches outdoor living skills. Our teaching is cumulative and the boys build upon the skills they previously were taught. The program works well with returning boys as they get to improve upon their previously learned skills and incorporate them into even more complex skills.

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Fred Lorber
Friendsville, Pennsylvania, United States
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