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How will my child benefit by attending a camp?

Your child will benefit multi-fold in a camp by cultivating self discipline in a completely new environment under the valuable guidance of experienced counselors, assistant counselors and supporting staff.

A camp offers wider scope for children to learn general knowledge, civic sense, brotherliness and togetherness. It works as a basic platform for your child to learn the nuances of life to become future leasers to the country and the society.

How can I be the best camp parent for my child?

How can I surf the camps listed in the

I have found the individual camps in a sub category but where will I get the full details of each individual camp?

Can I have preview of a camp?

Is there any provision for comparing two or three camps?

What is the difference between featured and non-featured camps?

Can I find the camps available in each state?

Can I find camps by category in a particular location directly?

Is Advance Search option available?

How can I select the best camp for my child?

How shall I know the camp that suits my child and my budget too?

How to contact a camp director directly for more information?

Can I seek more information from a Camp Director?

Can I ask any Camp Director to contact me in the process of selecting the camp for my child?

How to make the camp of my child highly successful?

How will I get the quality camp gear and other necessities for the forthcoming camp of my child?

found two / three types of camp vendors in the listings. Which one shall I go for?


Why shall I register with you?

Camp Navigator is the most ideal online platform for camp directors and owners to list their camps for a wider reach among the campers, camp suppliers and job seekers.

Besides, camp directors can easily interact with all camp players enabling them reach their business targets in a time bound schedule. For more information on this see Reasons to Register.

Mine is a newly launched camp. Will I get any help from you to become professional and improve my business?

I am facing problems in getting experienced staff to manage my camp. What support will I get from you on this count?

I see some listings are marked ‘featured’ in your website. How is it different from the other listings and how will I benefit if my camp is listed in Featured Camps?

In case a camper or camp parent seeks more details about my camp, how shall I know about it?

Can I directly contact parents and ask them to send children to my camp?

My camp is in a remote place. Is there any provision that helps the camp parents in reaching us easily?

I feel the prescribed fee at my camp is competitive. How will the parents know of it?

I feel my camp is the best one in the type of activity or weekly session prices compared to others. How would the campers and parents know of this?

I have well trained staff members including the counselors and assistant counselors. How shall parents or campers know of this?


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