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Don't let your kids belongings take a hike at camp this year! With camp season upon us, it's time to start organizing your child's belongings. At Stuck on You there are labels for everything that goes to camp. The easy to apply clothing labels are not only useful for all their clothing but are perfect for bedding, towels, bathers and hats. While the waterproof name labels are great for shoes, containers, stationery and even, toothbrushes, flashlights and sunscreen! Unsure which labels to buy? Why not pick up one of the Stuck on You Camp Value Packs. These packs include labels and products perfect for camp. Starting at just $39.95, they are an excellent way to organize all of your child's belongings so what goes to camp comes home again. Label everything with Stuck on You labels and personalized gifts. For more gorgeous personalised labels and gifts, visit www.stuckonyou.com or call 1-866-236-2800 for a free brochure.

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